What is it? a hair accessory that let's you create a simple, yet stylish bun

What does it claim? that you can just roll, snap and wrap to make a beautiful bun in less than a minute

Who tested it? Chesapeake graphic artist Melanie Fajardo

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is gather your hair into a ponytail at your desired height. Then fasten it with an elastic. Apply the Hot Buns hair accessory near the bottom of your ponytail and roll your hair in an upward motion. Once your bun is at the top of your ponytail, fasten the snap at the bottom. Then pull the elastic tightly from the bottom and wrap it around the bun to secure. Now spread the hair evenly around the Hot Buns hair accessory completely. For some people, it's easier to spread the hair around before you put the elastic in place. It's all a matter of preference. But once everything is in place you are ready to show off your beautiful bun!

It's recommended that people with layered hair be sure to tuck in the ends as you roll to eliminate stray hairs. The makers of Hot Buns say the best buns come from slightly 'dirty' or damp hair.

Did it work? Melaniewas not impressed. She has thick layered hair and she followed the instructions about how to try and keep the ends from becoming stray hairs, but it didn't work for her. She gave it several good tries and still had no luck. Fajardo was hoping to use this to put her hair up on her wedding day, but now she's looking for another option. She says maybe it would work for someone who has straight hair and no layers, but for her it was a thumbs down.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Hot Buns Simple Styling Solutions at Walmart for $9.88.

Additional Comments: Hot Buns comes in a set of two, one large one small. You can also buy it for either light or dark hair.

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