NORFOLK--The Parking Enforcement Division in Norfolk just got a lot 'smarter' as they introduced their fleet of 11 new Smart Cars to be driven by the meter readers.

The fleet of cars cost $141,000. The City of Norfolk's self-sustaining parking fund covered the cost, so no taxpayer dollars were used.

The fuel-efficient vehicles are built with 80% recycled materials and include four years of maintenance.

'It is part of our efforts to achieve a greener fleet, and these particular Smart Cars are known for having a small carbon footprint. They get over 40 miles to the gallon,' said Dave Freeman with the City of Norfolk.

The new Smart Cars will replace the aging parking fleet. The golf carts and 3-wheel Cushman carts were purchased in the 1970's and 80's and cost upwards of $38,000 a year to maintain.

The current fleet will be sold at auction and any profits returned to the parking fund.

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