HAMPTON A family embraced their hero this Easter Sunday.

'I'm going to hug him, and tell him 'thank God that he saved him,'' Gwendolyn Person said.

Around 5 p.m. Sunday, a fire broke out on the second floor of their home on Parkdale Avenue.

Neighbors say the man living there was locked inside, billowing smoke prevented him from grabbing the key upstairs. He tried to escape out of a window on the ground floor, but he got stuck.

'He was over here calling my momma. She called me and told me there was a fire across the street. I came to the front door and I saw him trying to come out,' said D'sean Le.

The 18-year-oldran over and pulled the man out of the window to safety.

Rescue crews took him to the hospital for treatment possible smoke inhalation and say he should be fine.

The family says it was difficult to watch crews remove debris from the burned home. They're grateful for the actions of a young man who prevented a tragedy this holiday.

I'd do it for anybody, and I hope they'd do it for me,' Le said.

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