CHESAPEAKE - Drivers complained that Woodlake Drive in Chesapeake wasn't safe and the city is listened.

'It's a horribly dangerous situation,' said councilmember Debbie Ritter.

18-wheel trucks get off there from I-64 on Greenbrier Parkway and then have to cross three lanes of traffic in a short amount of time to get to businesses in the industrial area.

Now, the city is looking to extend Woodlake Drive to connect Battlefield Blvd. and Greenbrier Parkway. That way, heavy trucks could get off at Battlefield and avoid the dangerous merging.

'It's huge for the city and hopefully it will drop that truck volume on Greenbrier Parkway,' Ritter added.

There's money for the work and preliminary permits have been approved. However, environmental permits are still needed and Ritter admits the road will disturb some sensitive wetland areas.

'Without the permit, it's a no go,' she said.

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