SUFFOLK- The warm, wet weather in Hampton Roads means mosquitoes aren't far behind.

To help control the number of those biting insects, Suffolk residents can pick up free mosquito dunks to place in stagnant water around their yard or neighborhood. Putting them in places where water collects, like old tires, bird baths, flower pots, will help keep them from breeding.

Officials say the best way to use dunks is to break them into small pieces, which will make it easier to spread and allow you to cover more area

City officials say residents who are at least 18 years old can get one package a month. Just bring proof that you live in the city, have proper picture identification and sign the 'Information Sheet' at the place of distribution.

Mosquito dunk pickup locations:
Fire & Rescue Station 1, 400 Market Street
Station 3, 1001 Whitemarsh Road
Station 4, 837 Lake Kilby Road
Station 5, 3901 Bridge Road
Station 6, 300 Kings Fork Road
Station 7, 6666 O'Kelly Road
Station 8, 6235 Whaleyville Boulevard
Station 9, 300 Kings Highway
Station 10, 4869 Bennetts Pasture Road
Suffolk Media & Community Relations Dept., 441 Market St., Rm. 205
Public Works Engineering Reception Desk, 440 Market St., 2nd Floor
East Suffolk Recreation Center, 138 South Sixth Street

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