VIRGINIA BEACH Mosquito Control is getting an early jump on the biting bugs thanks to a cooler than usual spring.

Dreda Symonds, a mosquito control biologist, says counts are low for this time of year in local mosquito traps.

She says it doesn't mean we'll see less mosquitoes this summer, but it does give the city an early advantage for spraying.

'We can get out and control some of the immature stages before they emerge as adult mosquitoes. It just gives us a little more time,' said Symonds.

This week, the summer staff began setting up about 65 mosquito traps which are used to identify hotspots for mosquito activity and identify disease-infected bugs.

'When we find a hotspot, where we start seeing disease activity, we do put out press releases at a certain point so that people know where we're finding the activity and where we're going to be,' said Symonds.

Experts recommend getting an early jump on protecting your home from mosquitoes. Get in the habit of dumping any rain water that collects in your yard because standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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