VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Navy cook who was stabbed during a morning jog along Little Neck Road is recovering at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.

'He was so injured. He was so badly hurt,' said Bridgette Rue of her husband Chris. 'I'm grateful that I can look at him lying in that bed so weak. I'm grateful that I can still see him, regardless of how injured he is. He came so close to not coming home.'

Police said the attack happened about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday near the entrance to the Sea Breeze Farm neighborhood.

Bridgette Rue told 13News her husband stopped when someone came up to him and asked him for the time. Chris Rue reached for his cell phone, but realized he didn't have it. At that point, the person supposedly pulled a knife and stabbed Rue in the side, cut his hand as he tried to defend himself, then stabbed Rue in the back, hitting a kidney which doctors were able to save.

Rue ran into Sea Breeze Farm after the attack and banged on doors for help.

'I wish we would have known that this poor man was coming to us for help,' said Cathy Carpenter whose home in Sea Breeze Farm still had bloody hand prints on it Wednesday. 'I felt really bad that this poor man had been stabbed and was trying to get us to come to the door of some sort and we didn't respond.'

Carpenter didn't hear the knocking, but picked up something was happening Tuesday when her dogs and her neighbors' started barking.

'We heard what sounded like a gunshot, which we found out later from the detective was actually our next door neighbor. He thought somebody was trying to break into his house and he shot, I guess, up in the air to scare them.'

Police were working to get a good description of the attacker from Rue.

'I think that it's somebody who's mentally ill, who's got a knife, and who's malicious,' Carpenter speculated. 'It would be bad enough if there was a reason, but you're talking about somebody jogging who probably doesn't have money, isn't female, so you're maybe not looking for rape, so what's left is just to be ugly and malicious.'

Bridgette Rue said her husband may be in the hospital for about a week. Ironically, he considered moving his family to one of the neighborhoods near where the attack took place.

'He had found that area jogging, and he said it was the most serene area he'd found and we should really look there, and he brought back a couple of flyers from houses, and never now, no way. Oh, the memories he'll have of that place. He is, he's traumatized,' Bridgette Rue shared.

If you know anything about this incident, call Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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