PORTSMOUTH- The 33rd annual Elizabeth River Run Saturday meant many things to many people.

Mayor Kenneth Wright is the biggest cheerleader for Portsmouth's health initiative to lose a half million pounds. 'I set a goal of 100 pounds, and today I'm down 50. I'm excited about that, but my doctor said I need to lose 200 pounds.'

Michael Davis is legally blind. He ran the Boston Marathon, and he was a half a mile away from the explosion. His wife and mother were in the bleachers at the time. 'They told me the bleachers were gone because the bomb exploded. I thought they were dead, and so I started crying.'

Linda 'Sunny' Fox has a bucket list of 1,000 races to help fight thyroid cancer treatments. This is number 348. 'I still have five races scheduled; even if I have to crawl, I am going to get through them.'

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