ELIZABETH CITY, NC- Police say two men forced their way into their parents' home on Sunday afternoon after an earlier argument.

Authorities say DeQuan Whidbee and Thomas Whidbee Jr. had a dispute with their stepfather in his home at #20 River Breeze Mobile Home Park.

The brothers left but came right back and kicked in the front door, according to police, and that's when the Alonzo Graham confronted them, got his shotgun and opened fire.

Authorities say they found DeQuan in the front yard with a gunshot wound to his left leg around. An errant pellet struck Dawn Whidbee, Graham's wife and the men's mother.

Graham, who was inside home when officers arrived, gave himself up to police.

Mrs. Graham was treated and released; DeQuan Whidbee needed surgery, according to police.

Warrants for misdemeanor breaking and entering and communicating threats were issued for both DeQuan Whidbee and Thomas Whidbee.

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