NORFOLK- They're practically giving away cats and kittens this weekend at the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption center.

'Some 44 cats have already gone into homes. We still have almost 100 cats and kittens here left in the building,' manager Barbara Hays said.

Hays explained that because of the overflow of animals, the shelter is holding their 3rd annual Kitty Palooza. 'We're hoping the community really turns out to support the event.'

Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption center holds Kittypalooza each June and sets up one of their rooms as 'kitty city.' Hays said it's an all out effort to find forever homes for these cats and kittens. 'This time of year, sadly we can get about 500 cats in the shelter each month. While this event is fun, we need the community to participate all year long.'

The big adoption push started on Thursday and lasts until Sunday afternoon. Thanks to a grant from PETCO foundation, you can buy the kittens for $25. You can adopt two cats for $40.

'Everyone has already been spayed or neutered. They are also microchip vaccinated. We put flea prevention on them. For $25 you can't go wrong,' Hays remarked.

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