MOYOCK -- A woman missing for almost two weeks has been found and is ok.

According to Chief Deputy Matt Beickert of the Currituck County sheriff's office, Jennie Kral contacted the department Wednesday night by phone and said that she was fine and currently in another state.

Kral left her home in Moyock about two weeks ago, headed for Petco in Red Mill Commons in Virginia Beach. The 24-year-old mother didn't show up at the store.

'Her phone fell off the grid at quarter to 8, and it was in a 2-mile radius of her work, and she was due in at 8 o'clock,' said Kral's boyfriend, James Beatty.

Beatty filed a missing person report June 23 after he was unable to get in touch with her for a full day.

According to managers at Petco, Kral had not missed a day since she was hired about a month ago and always got to work on time.

'You get a lot of stuff going through your mind. You start wondering if she left on her own or if something bad has genuinely happened,' Beatty told 13News at the time. 'She's got family. She's got people that care for her, and you would, at this point, almost rather it be that she left on her own, just to know that she's okay, but that's something you never want to hear.'

Beickert said that Kral wanted to make sure her family and friends knew she was safe and that they could stop looking for her.

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