YORKTOWN-For the last several months, Corey and Caitlin Carden's Dodge Neon STR4 hasn't been running.

What started as work for a broken timing belt has ballooned into other problems, including a malfunctioning turbo.

'I started driving it home and I got to the Wendy's at George Washington Highway and Fort Eustis Boulevard and it shut off,' says Corey Carden, who lives in Yorktown.

The car was towed back to the mechanic. Today, after spending more than $2,000, the Cardens say the car still won't run.

They took it to a second mechanic who told them the head gasket had been installed backwards and that led to even more problems, including a including a busted cylinder head. The car is still at the a garage in Carrollton in Isle of Wight County.

'Now if we get the car fixed, we feel like we can't sell in good faith to someone,' says Caitlin Carden.

The second mechanic, who specializes in repairing Dodges and doesn't want to be identified, says the head gasket was clearly installed backwards, blocking a hole that would allow oil to flow through the engine.

The first mechanic who worked on the car is saying he is not at fault. His boss says there is no way the gasket was improperly installed because oil would be spewing everywhere.

A 'he-said, she said' scenario is not uncommon when it comes to car repairs. Car repair issues rank in the top ten list of complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Mechanic Andy Little with the Indian River Service Center says there are specific things every person should look for in a mechanic, starting with a mechanic who's willing to stand behind his work.

'If someone has had an issue with anything you've done, you want to address it immediately. Don't back burner them because you've already gotten the money,' says Little.

He adds customers should look for an honest assessment of what's wrong with their vehicle and shy away from mechanics who pressure customers into repairs.

When choosing a mechanic, Little says, rely on referrals from people you trust and check out online reviews.

'If they're doing bad stuff someone has told on them on the internet,' he adds.

The Cardens had to buy another car while they wait to see if they can get the Neon fixed. They hope to reach a conclusion before their first child arrives in August.

The mechanic shop's owner says he believes part of the problem occurred when Corey Carden did some of the work on the Dodge himself. He adds that it's important that he makes things right and satisfies the customer and is offering to take a look at the car again.

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