What is it? an ultra slim keyboard that can be used with you iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other bluetooth-enabled devices

What does it claim? to be compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Andria McClellan and her son Aidan

What are the instructions? You first need to insert two AAA batteries into your keyboard. The instructions say you need two AA batteries but we quickly found out that was incorrect. Once that's done you then need to pair your keyboard with your Bluetooth device. It's a fairly easy process. To get started you turn on your keyboard. The BLUE LED light will light up for two seconds. Then press the pair/connect button. The BLUE LED light will begin flashing. Now the keyboard is in pairing mode and waiting for a connection to your device. Now activate the Bluetooth function on your mobile device and start searching for Bluetooth devices. From the list of devices found select HYCA8080BTK. From the Bluetooth keyboard, enter the pin show on the screen for your device. Now the keyboard should be paired with your device
If your pairing isn't completed within 3 minutes, your Hype Bluetooth Keyboard will return to standby mode to conserve power. Once your all paired up you can use the keyboard to type anything with your bluetooth enabled device.

Did it work ? Our tester was not impressed at the mistake in the instructions about which battery to use. But once they figured it out they needed AAA instead of AA batteries everything else seemed to work well. The found the pairing up with their devices to be a simple process and they liked
that the keyboard was light and portable. Aidan said he could definitely see himself using it at school and Andria said she would use her iPad more often if she had this keyboard. Overall they felt it was a worthwhile investment... just make sure you use the right batteries.

Cost/Availability ? You can purchase the Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard at Bed Bath & Beyond for $24.99.

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