NORFOLK--Police are searching for a suspect who broke into a home on Duke Street in broad daylight in July.

Holly Christopher says she was taking a walk with her baby around lunchtime in the Freemason neighborhood and when she came home realized a burglar had popped her lock and grabbed her valuables.

'When I came upstairs, I saw that my work laptop had been missing. I froze for a few minutes,' Christopher said.

Christopher was missing her laptop, iPad2, xbox360 and ten games, a silver necklace and $50 her son earned from house-sitting.

Christopher thinks the thief was scoping out her family. 'My schedule for leaving and going is erratic, so they would have to watch for me to leave,' Christopher said. 'Whoever came in, was in and out really fast.'

A nearby business's surveillance camera caught the suspect walking toward the house and leaving with his hands full.

However, the quality of the video is not close enough to identify the man. Freemason Civic League President Jack Kavanaugh emailed the video to residents as an alert.

Police believe the burglar is familiar with the neighborhood and have been checking local pawn shops for the stolen goods.

'Without serial numbers, it is difficult to locate stolen items at the local pawn shop,' police spokesperson Chris Amos explained.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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