SUFFOLK -- Tracey Payntar says she spotted a huge snake in the lake next to her Suffolk house as it was attacking a river otter.

The mother of four says she had just gotten out of her car and the disturbance in the water got her attention.

'I ran to the shoreline freaking out and tried to take some video with my phone. I was so scared I could not concentrate very well,' said Payntar.

Payntar and her husband contacted Suffolk Animal Control who referred a snake expert from a company called Zoo Pro.

Based on her description, the professional wildlife workers worried someone let their pet anaconda escape.

'I wanted to warn others that use Sleepy Lake that there might be a very dangerous snake on the loose,' added Payntar.

An official with the Virginia Game And Inland Fisheries Department was cautious and told 13News Now that he is suspicious until object is verified.

Payntar's response- 'I know what I saw.'

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