ISLE OF WIGHT CO. -- It's been 13 days since a man abducted an 11-year-old girl from her school bus stop near Carrollton and sexually assaulted her and now local businesses are helping search for the suspect.

Isle of Wight County Sheriff's spokeswoman Kristin Wilda says local businesses throughout the county are hanging up posters with a description and sketch of the suspect.

'The support of the community has been paramount in this investigation. We've had hundreds of tips from concerned citizens and have evaluated each of them as possible leads. This suspect is out there somewhere, and we want to keep the images of his face and vehicle in the public eye, so businesses posting the 'Wanted' fliers is critical. We believe there is going to be one tip that will lead to this man's arrest and we ask for the public's continued help,' Wilda said.

The sheriff has also sent information to community and civic organizations in the hope that citizens will reconsider the details of the case.


The Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office needs your help locating a crime scene.

On October 2, 2013, an eleven year-old girl was abducted by a white man driving a silver or gray two-door car as she walked from her home to a school bus stop in the Carrollton section of northern Isle of Wight County near the James River Bridge.

The abduction occurred at [times approximate] 7:50 AM. The child and abductor were seen on Quaker Road in Suffolk at 11:00 AM. Ultimately, the child was released near her Carrollton home at noon.

During the (roughly) 4 hour ordeal, the abductor stopped and sexually assaulted the child at two locations. The second assault scene has been located off Route 258 (Courthouse Highway) in Isle of Wight County. The first assault scene has not been located, and is the subject of this plea.

Based on the child's recollection, we believe they traveled south from Carrollton into North Carolina, and then returned northward through downtown Suffolk. We believe the first assault scene is located somewhere in south east Virginia or north east North Carolina, within about two hours' drive of Carrollton.

We need to locate a dilapidated, abandoned two-story wood framed structure. The structure is described as a brown wooden house. There are no shingles on the roof and it may be partially collapsing. The child says one wall is caved in, and an old sofa can be seen through a caved wall. The structure is located approximately 200 yards (child's estimate) off the paved road, but can be seen from the paved road. There are discarded HVAC units in the rear. There is a wood line to the left; the other side is grassy.

The child noted a [totally uninvolved] landmark: Approximately across the paved road from this structure is a well-kept 2 story house, white with red shutters and a gray roof. There is a new-looking wooden fence around, only, the back yard. There was an SUV parked in the drive way, unknown color.

White male, maybe 40s, with visible freckles.
Medium build
Short blond hair but not a buzz cut
Thin blond beard with white whiskers in it a strip from temples down across chin
No mustache
Bushy blond eyebrows
Blue eyes
Large full lips
Slightly yellowed teeth
Wide nose
Small hands with short fingers
Round, brown eyeglasses (not always worn)
Cut-off blue jean shorts, tan t-shirt, brown and blue tennis shoes
No tattoos or piercings seen
Slower in speech

Silver or gray Chevy 2dr (possibly Cavalier) or similar vehicle type
Virginia State inspection sticker
Black & gray interior, leather or vinyl seats (not cloth)
Manual roll-up windows
Older inside, cracked dash area with some pieces missing
Outside of car new looking

Anyone who may recognize the first crime scene or the sketch of the suspect is asked to call 757-365-6290 or email

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