NEWPORT NEWS -- 'It's a little purple now. The swelling's down,' said Rob Nicholson, gesturing to the area around his left eye. 'This was opened up, split across my eyebrow like you would see in a UFC fight, open up real wide, blood all down the front of me.'

Nicholson said a group of young people attacked him Friday night, some of the same people who assaulted his 13-year-old son earlier outside McDonald's near Todd Stadium.

The son was at the restaurant with friends when some people started to take at least 2 bikes: the 13-year-old's and a 16-year-old's.

The friends tried to stop them, at which point they were assaulted.

Newport News Police spokesman Lou Thurston said the 16-year-old got his bicycle back, and when Nicholson's 13-year-old tried to get away on his, some of the attackers pushed him off and headed up Warwick Boulevard.

Nicholson told 13News Now his son called to tell him what happened. He got to the restaurant about the same time as officers. He and his son went looking for the bike which he had given to the teenager hours before the attack.

A short drive away, on Deep Creek Road, Nicholson said his son spotted some of the people who took the bike.

He explained those people ran behind a house. Eventually, the Nicholsons confronted them, but the group denied knowing anything about the bicycle. Quickly, several other people were there with the original group.

'One individual in the middle lunged forward, and, then, after that, it was just a group of 'em, throwing punches, kicking me, knocking me down, chasing him across the street,' recalled Nicholson.

Thurston told 13News Now a 32-year-old woman who attempted to intervene was hurt, bringing the number of people injured to 4.

Nicholson said the bike was near the location of the second attack.

Officers took 2 people into custody. They have not filed any charges.

This case remains under investigation.

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