NORFOLK -- Tia Dunlap wanted a career as a dental assistant, so she enrolled at Centura College in Norfolk in hopes of earning her associate's degree.

She was close to finishing her degree when she broke her hand, so she had to withdraw from the program.

When she tried to re-enroll, Tia found out the degree program no longer exists at the school. It's only a certificate and the classes she'd already taken didn't qualify for a certificate.

Tia is several thousand dollars in debt from student loans and feels like she has nothing to show for it.

Schools like Centura, which are for-profit colleges, have recently come under fire by the Obama administration. The president is pressuring these schools to improve graduation rates and job placement numbers, plus lower loan default rates.

In at 13News Now Investigation, we'll tell you about the new regulations being proposed to crack down on for-profit schools and how Centura College is responding.

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