UPDATE 11/26: Mark Obenshain says he will formally request a recount in the race for Virginia attorney general Wednesday.

Ashley L. Taylor, Jr. and Stephen C. Piepgrass, representing Obenshain's legal team, said they will hold a press conference call tomorrow Wednesday at 10 a.m. to discuss the recount.

RICHMOND (AP)--Democrat Mark Herring maintains a 165-vote edge over Republican Mark Obenshain in the race for Virginia attorney general.

The State Board of Elections certified the results of Virginia's Nov. 5 election, including the cliff-hanging race for attorney general. However, the election board's chairman, Charles Judd, expressed concern about what he called the integrity of the statewide vote, citing as an example Fairfax County's count of provisional ballots. Those are contested ballots. The Fairfax board has said it followed state election law.

Following the certification, Herring said, 'Today, we move forward to tackle some of the unique challenges of our era which fall under the auspices of the next Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our guiding principle will be to put the law and Virginians first, instead of adherence to extreme ideology.'

In a statement released Monday, Obenshain said he hadn't decided whether to ask for a recount. Virginia has no automatic recount, but the trailing candidate can seek a recount at taxpayer expense if the margin between winner and loser is less than one-half of 1 percent.

'Over the next few days, we will continue to review these results. Margins this small are why Virginia law provides a process for a recount. However, a decision to request a recount, even in this historically close election, is not one to be made lightly. Virginia law allows ten days to request a recount. We will make further announcements regarding a recount well within that time, in order to ensure the closure and confidence in the results that Virginians deserve.'

Both men have dug in, with each announcing transition teams.

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