NORFOLK- Republican Mark Obenshain Wednesday officially filed paperwork in the Circuit Court of Richmond seeking a re-count in the Virginia attorney general's race.

Democrat Mark Herring was declared the winner by the State Board of Elections two days ago, with a 165-vote margin. More than 2.2 million votes were cast. The 0.007 percent margin of victory is believed to be the closest in state history.

In a telephone conference with reporters this morning, Obenshain legal team member Stephen C. Piepggrass said the recount isn't simply about finding new votes for his candidate.

'Our approach is not to find votes, our focus is a fair and balanced recount,' he said.

The recount will be conducted in each of the 133 Clerk of the Court offices across the state. It will be supervised by a special three-judge panel headed by Richmond Circuit Chief Judge Bradley Cavedo. The panel's other two judges will be appointed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Within ten days, the panel will hold a hearing to set the conditions of the recount and its date.

Obenshain's lawyers said they thought it would probably take place around December 15th and last two to three days.

Since the margin of victory is less than one-half of one percent, the recount will be paid for by tax-payers. No dollar figure has mentioned regarding how much this process will cost.

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