VIRGINIA BEACH Police are investigating a report of a man taking pictures up women's skirts at an Oceanfront bar.

Friday night, officers responded to the Calypso Bar and Grill at 1101 Atlantic Avenue.

MPO Adam Bernstein explained a witness called police after seeing a man holding his camera under women's skirts. Officers were able to find the suspect. He was arrested for being drunk in public and having marijuana on him.

Police seized the man's camera, but authorities will not charge him with unlawful filming unless victims press charges. Investigators are now asking women who think they are victims to come forward.

Bernstein noted this is the first report he's seen of a man trying to record up women's skirts at the Oceanfront. 'I was a sergeant at the Oceanfront for two years, and I can't think of a case we've had. It's happened in malls at department stores, but it's not common.'

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