YORKTOWN- York-Poquoson sheriff's deputies have charged students in multiple incidents involving weapons in school that were reported on Thursday.

In one incident, a knife was taken from a backpack from a student at Bruton High School.

In another, a 13-year-old student was found to have a BB gun and two knives at Yorktown Middle School.

A 9-year-old boy at Coventry Elementary School could face charges after he was caught showing a knife off to other students.

The Sheriff's Office posted details on their facebook page. Details below:


During an investigation into possible smoking in the boys room at Bruton High School, the principal and SRO recovered a knife from the book bag of an 18 year old student. The student was charged with having a weapon on school property.

Deputies were called to Yorktown Middle School after the principal was notified by another student that 13 year old student had a gun in his pocket at school. A BB gun as well as 2 knives was found in the student's possession and charges are pending for having a weapon on school property.

Charges of having a weapon on school property are pending against a 9 year old Coventry Elementary School student after deputies were called to respond to the school. Another student reported to the principal that they saw the student showing off the knife to other students. The knife was recovered and the student was sent home with their parent.

Note: The Code of Virginia makes it illegal to possess a Knife or Firearm on school property. In the case of a pocket knife, a violation of law occurs if the knife has a metal folding blade longer than 3 inches. A BB gun is not considered a firearm based on the definition of a firearm in the Code of Virginia. The code section that covers weapons on school property can be found under 18.2-308.1 of the Code of Virginia. This code section also covers exemptions to the law.

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