They are the kind of stories of stories that shock and horrify parents. Teachers involved in sex scandals with students. We have reported on several such cases in just the past year.

Sometimes the inappropriate relationships begin withtext messages. We hear stories of teachers who send students pornography. In some cases, touching leads to intercourse. We even hear stories of teachers caught with child pornography.

Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, a VCU professor who has written the preeminent study on teacher sexual misconduct, says criminal background checks alone are not enough to protect kids. Shakeshaft says teachers need to act when they see something that does not look right. 'I didn't realize what I was seeing, or I didn't want to report anything in case I was wrong and I would have ruined a teacher's life. I never have heard someone say I knew I had to report because if I didn't I would have ruined a student's life,' Shakeshaft told us.

Our 13News Now investigation takes an in depth look at just how many kids today are victims of teacher sexual misconduct and what school districts are doing to try and stop it. The numbers are just as shocking as the stories themselves. We also looked into how many teachers in Virginia have lost their professional license in recent years for sexual misconduct.

We'll share with you what we learned thisThursday on 13News Now @ 6PM.

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