VIRGINIA BEACH -- Students that attend Virginia Beach City Public Schools will spend 3 Saturdays in class in the coming months to make up for instructional time lost during the snow storm that hit the area in January.

Students will go to school on February 15, March 29, and April 26.

Salem High School junior Katherine Meixel hopes to change at least some of that.

Meixel started an online petition asking VBCPS to reconsider its scheduling.

'I think that everybody thinks it's a good idea. I've gotten some negative backlash from parents that disagree, that say we're whining and that we should suck it up and go to school,' Meixel told 13News Now February 9, 'but, I mean, that's their opinion and, I have 1700 other people who disagree with them.'

The petition makes several arguments for changing the make-up schedule, including conflicts with work and/or activities schedules.

'Designating makeup days for time lost due to inclement weather is one of the most unpopular decisions a superintendent makes. There is never a day that is convenient for all of our students, staff and families,' wrote Dr. Sheila Magula, Superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, in a statement. 'We believe strongly that our role is to provide the best education possible for your children and we believe that is what this community expects. Please know that your patience, understanding and support are appreciated as we move forward.'

While Virginia Beach schools operate on a 183-day school year schedule as oppose to the state minimum calendar of 180 days, the extra three days are not built in for inclement weather.

In accordance with state code, high school students are responsible for accruing 140 hours of instruction in each class in which they are registered in order to earn state credit. These factors combined necessitate the division make up the canceled school days, officials said.

For secondary students, Feb. 15 will be an A day; March 29 will be a B day; and April 26 will be an A day.

Some Virginia Beach parents and children say they're not thrilled about making up the lost snow days on Saturdays.

On Thursday night, at the Virginia Beach recreation center, children were getting ready for a huge swim meet championship. The problem is, the meet is scheduled on a make up Saturday.

10-year-old Jacari Jenkins said, 'I'm going to ditch school, I'm going to say sorry I have business to take care of.'

His mother Samantha Jenkins said she'll make the ultimate decision about her son going to school, but she said she's also not happy about the Saturday school decision.

'I'm appalled it was Saturday because it seems it was punitive measure and you don't understand why they would make that decision,' She said.

Some parents said the school should have just added minutes to regular school days because Saturday school will affect families' plans. One mother said this will also take a toll on teachers and staff members who probably don't want to work on Saturdays.

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