We are seeing more signs that the housing market is coming back. The rate of new foreclosures and the number of Americans behind on their mortgages are both at their lowest level in eight years. Plus another sign, there are fewer foreclosed homes waiting to be sold.

The news, however, is not so good when it comes to the price of ground beef. It's approaching a record high. In fact, the rates are climbing so fast that ground beef and steak could be the same price! The reason? The drought has helped cut the U.S. cattle herd to its smallest size in more than 60 ears. Look for all cuts of beef to be more expensive.

If you've still got your box of Valentine's chocolates, you might want to check them. Fannie May Confections is recalling 12,000 boxes of chocolates after neglecting to warn consumers that the inside of one piece contains peanuts. The red, heart-shaped gift boxes have been sold since January 10 in up to 450 stores, including Walgreens and Hallmark gift shops.

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