POQUOSON -- At the Purple Owl studio in Poquoson, Julie Harberts combines her photography skills and her motherly instincts to produce portraits of infants that are truly unique.

'I typically photograph newborns ten days old -- that's when they are squishy. They are used to being in the womb and I can squish them up and they are pretty sleepy. They are happy to eat and go back to sleep,' Harberts said.

Harberts was working with baby Madeline, who was just seven days old and baby Charlotte who was 11 days old.

In this case, you don't wait to say cheese, you wait for baby to fall asleep!

'Patience. Very patient. And Julie's really great at being super patient and we just wait them out. 'Cause eventually they have to fall asleep,' said Megan Boyles.

I first learned how to position a baby. Then it was my turn to shoot, which was really the easiest part of the job. Point and click. Setting the stage requires the most effort.

In the end, the finished product at the Purple Owl really shows who the professionals are -- not me!

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