NORFOLK -- More police will be patrolling the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Norfolk.

The annual festival kicks off Saturday in the Ocean View neighborhood.

Residents tell 13News Now they hope more officers will mean fewer people breaking the law.

Longtime Pinewell resident Sheila Nash put a sign outside their home asking parade goers to not park on her lawn.

'We want to see it kept as a family-centered activity. As long as the drinking and the rousing and roughness continues, it concerns me,' said Nash.

Nash's neighbor Richard Knerr set up a barricade of parked cars around his home to stop people from parking in his yard and destroying his property.

'They wouldn't want to be in the streets, so they pull half-way into my yard. We've also had people wander into the yard and urinate,' said Knerr.

Residents hope more officers on foot, bikes and in patrol cars will cut back on some of the problems they've experienced during and after the parade.

'It'll hopefully cut back some of the public nuisance-type stuff that you don't need to see,' said Knerr.

Police advise if you see anything dangerous or suspicious during or after the parade you should call their non-emergency number at 757-441-5610.

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