UPDATE: The ship is docked and the crew of nearly 280 has reunited with friends and family.

NORFOLK -- It's homecoming day for hundreds of sailors. USS Stout will return to Naval Station Norfolk Friday after an eight-month deployment.

It was an eventful tour of duty. The crew of USS Stout was sent to the Mediterranean Sea in August 2013 in response to the chemical weapons crisis in Syria. Along with USS Gravely, USS Mahan, USS Ramage and USS Barry, the guided-missile destroyer was positioned within striking distance of Syria.

In February, Stout was part of an operation southeast of Cypress involving the hijacked commercial tanker Morning Glory. Navy SEALS boarded and took control of the ship from three armed Libyans. 25 sailors from the Stout were placed on the Morning Glory to supervise its return to a port in Libya.

The sailors even had time for charity work. According to USS Stout's Facebook page, 55 crewmembers participated in a Wounded Warrior 5K run while the ship was transiting the Atlantic Ocean.

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