ELIZABETH CITY -- 'We were broken. Our hearts were broken because of those persons and people who were affected by this past storm,' said Nina Rivers who hosts a Christian ministry radio program every Sunday.

This week, the conversation on her show focused on victims of the tornadoes that hitNorth Carolina, specifically, those that devastated parts of Pasquotank County.

'We have some elderly persons to call in and say, 'We need food. We were without electricity for an amount of four days, and all our food was spoiled, so we need food,'' shared Rivers.

Other needs that became evident included clothing, debris removal, and home repairs.

While agencies, including the American Red Cross, are helping victims, Rivers, along with her husband, Kirk, decided something more could be done to provide assistance.

Their goal is to match the needs of victims with people in the community who could help them best.

'We need to be able to pair them up with people who want to give of their time, which is valuable. Sometimes we think money is the only thing, but a lot of times, time -- donating of time -- and assisting people is just as important,' explained Kirk Rivers. 'We're looking for businesses to donate their time to say, 'Hey, I can fix that shed' or 'I can do a window.''

Some people and companies already have offered items and services. The Riverses have been recruiting businesses and congregations to adopt families, when possible.

They organized a program for Tuesday night. During the event at Holy Trinity Community Church, they will accept donations for tornado victims. They also are hoping to connect victims with people who can help meet the tornado victims' needs. The Riverses encourage both group to come to the event which begins at 6:00 p.m.

'My heart's desire is just to help people, and if I can be a blessing just to anyone else or someone else along the way, then I know my living is not in vain, so it truly blesses me when I can be a blessing to someone else,' told 13News Now.

Holy Trinity Community Church is located at 607 South Road Street, Elizabeth City.

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