VIRGINIA BEACH -- A new sunscreen is making new promises when it comes to preventing some types of skin cancer.

Experts call it groundbreaking and say it's not your typical SPF because studies show it works on a cellular level.

The sunscreen you buy at the drug store protects your skin from the signs of aging and those burning UVA & UVB rays while you're outdoors.

This new sunscreen, introduced just this month, is proven to help prevent non-Melanoma skin cancers at a cellular level.

'So, the SPF 50 part is what's comparable to what's on the shelf at the drug store, but the anti-oxidents and the DNA repair, they protect from invisible damage that leads to all the premature aging and some types of skin cancers. So, you're actually blocking all the damage from the sun,' explains Dr. David McDaniel, of the McDaniel Laser & Cosmetic Center in Virginia Beach.

Tonight on 13News Now at 11, get a closer look at TPF 50, which promises triple protection from the sun's damaging rays.
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