What is it? It's an activity kit with specially formulated bubble solution and gloves that let you juggle bubbles.

What does it claim? These are bubbles that can 'bounce, float, fly and magically fill the sky.' You can catch them, pass them and even juggle these bubbles

Who tested it? Norfolk residents 7-year-old Zoe Jones and her 6-year-old brother Leo.

What Are The Instructions? While this product is recommended for children 5 years and older, it's also noted that it should not be used without adult supervision. To get started, you first need to unscrew the bottle cap and peel off the protective seal making sure not to shake the bottle of bubble solution in the process. Next, carefully pour the bubble solution into a tray up to the indicator line. Be sure to make it high enough to cover the entire opening of the bubble blower. Now, slide on the gloves that came in the kit. Make sure you do not get bubble solution on them because getting the gloves wet will affect the performance of the bubble bouncing. Next, dip the wide end of the bubble blower into the bubble tray. Be sure to dip the bubble blower each time you make a new bubble and make sure not to stir or create small bubbles in the tray because that will reduce the performance. Hold the blower in a download angle while blowing the bubble. Blow a bubble about the size of a baseball. Allow the bubble to sit at the end of the blower for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing. It's also a good idea to hold the bubble over the tray or paper towel to catch any drips. When you're ready to release the bubble from the blower be sure to use a downward flicking motion. Now, have fun and bounce the bubble off your gloves using a gentle motion.

Did it work? Our testers were not as critical as an adult may be -- they were just having a good time playing with Juggle Bubbles. They actually only got bubbles they could play with and catch maybe 20 percent of the the time. But they didn't seem to mind. They were sharing and taking turns. One would blow the bubble while the other would try to catch it. So in their opinion it did worked.

Cost/Availability? We purchased the Juggle Bubbles activity kit at Walmart for $9.88.

Additional Comments: If you need to clean your gloves you can hand wash them with water and let them air dry. If you get the bubble solution in your eyes wash immediately with water.

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