What is it? It's actually two different non-stick mats that do basically the same thing. The bake mat helps when you're cooking indoors and the grill mat is for outdoor cooking. They help keep your grilling and baking surfaces from getting messy.

What does it claim? The Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats claim to help you enjoy cooking on your grill without the mess. That's because with the mat food doesn't fall through and it conducts heat so food cooks evenly.

Who tested it? We had a guest tester this week. Meteorologist Craig Moeller, who also claims to be a 'grill master', put on an apron and put the Yoshi Grill mat to the test for us.

What Are The Instructions? To get started with the Yoshi Grill or Bake Mat you first need wash it. You should only use your mats at low to medium heat settings. Allow the mat to cool completely after cooking before you wipe the residue off with a damp cloth. You should always wash your mat between uses and make sure it's completely dry before you store it away. Both mats can be cut to fit whatever size grill or pan you need.

If you are using the Grill Mat, once it's clean you need to turn on your grill and then place the mat on the grilling surface. It's important to note that your grill should not be hotter than 500 degrees. If you are cooking over wood or charcoal, wait until the flame has reduced to glowing coals before putting the grill mat on the grill. Then you can just cook away and your grill will stay clean. Plus no vegetables will fall through the grate and you won't have flare ups from grease splatters.

If you are using the Yoshi Bake Mat you can cut it to fit any pan. Then you can bake with it in the pan and food will come out easily. Because the mat is non-stick, your pan should come out spotless.

Did it work ? Our tester, Craig really liked the grilling mat. He found that he was able to cook things, like sliced mushrooms, on the grill that he never would have been able to do with out the mat. He says while it is not a necessity, having the mat around would certainly make cooking certain things a lot easier. The only difference he really noticed by using the Grill Mat as opposed to the open flame of the grill is that it took a little longer to cook. But he still got the grill marks on his food, even through the mat.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our Yoshi Grill & Bake mats at WalMart for $9.88.

Additional Comments: While Craig found the grill mat easy to clean by hand it's also important to note that it is top rack dishwasher safe!

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