It seems there are more tablets and fewer personal computers these days. Sales of handheld devices are on the rise while PC sales are falling. In fact, by next year, tablet sales will pass those of desktops and laptops. So what does this mean for you? Well, you can look for more inexpensive tablets as well as ones with bigger screens to hit the market soon.

There may be a name recognition problem for the mobile payment company 'Isis'. The wallet app, which just launched last year, is already changing its name to avoid confusion with the violent militant group in the middle east. So far, no word yet what that new name will be.

Get ready for something new coming to AMC movie theaters. No, it's not on the screen. It's actually the seat itself; it's going to be bigger and more comfortable. The nation's second-largest movie theater chain is spending millions of dollars on large reclining chairs. But these bigger chairs will also mean fewer people will actually be sitting in the theaters.

And if you are looking for a cupcake from Crumbs you are out of luck. The cupcake shop Crumbs closed all of its stores suddenly last night. With the nation's cupcake obsession fading, the bakery chain has seen a steady decline in sales.
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