VIRGINIA BEACH -- Debbie Bozard says an acupuncturisthas helped her control her knee pain.

'I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. It really hurt to walk,' the Virginia Beach woman said.

As her knee started getting better, she wondered how elseacupuncture could help her. That's when her acupuncturist, Xiao Hung Li,. at Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic in Virginia Beach, told her itcouldhelp rejuvenate her face.

'Everybody's happy and you don't have the suffering from surgery,' said Li.

Li,a master of Acupuncture Medicine, says results can be seenquickly, sometimes after just onesession.Li recommendsten treatments to get the full effect. That would run about$1000.00

Bozard says the lower cost and more natural treatmentappealed to her, so she tried it.

Afterfive treatments, she'sseeing a difference.

'I'll run into people that I haven't seen in a while and they'll say 'you look good' and of course I don't think they can identify what exactly it is, but it makes me feel good,' she says.

She says she knows her results aren'tgoing to be as dramatic as having arealface lift by a plastic surgeon, butshe's okay with that.

'I feel like the wrinkles thatI have are not as deep as they use to be, especially on my forehead.To me, it's more the glowing, but I do see a lifting through the lower part of my face,' she notes.

Li saysclients who had the treatmentyears ago are still enjoying the same results. She says for her the best part is not just the younger look she gives her clients, but the healthier their body gets as a result

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