VIRGINIA BEACH -- A local family has been chosen to have their home made over by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The announcement was made Tuesday at the Waller Todd and Sadler Architects in Virginia Beach.

All they could tell 13News was that Trademark Construction of Chesapeake will be the lead builder. They have to keep the name of the southside family a secret until the family gets the knock on the door from Ty Pennington and company. That should happen at the end of January.

'We need a lead framer. A framing crew and volunteers to help frame. We need lumber. We need a local lumber supplier to donate a lumber package,' said Duane Cotton, the lead builder of this extreme makeover.

We do know the secret family cares about the foodbank and so there will also be a record-setting food drive associated with this makeover. Last March in Savannah, Georgia Extreme Makeover: Home Edition collected 307,000 pounds of food. So Hampton Roads needs to beat that record. Local foodbank folks are confident.

'Because not only are we going to be helping out a family in need with a new house, we are going to be helping thousands of people in our community by filling the shelves of the foodbank with nutritional food,' said Susan Mayo of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.

'You know your viewers, our listeners, they're moms and dads - they want to set good examples for their kids,' said Jenna Kehoe of the radio partners for this event, Entercomm Communications and 2WD. 'I am going to cry right now because I am so excited and can't wait for my kids to be a part of it,' Kehoe added.

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