VIRGINIA BEACH -- Workers with Trademark Construction pointed out some of the faded paint streaks to Fred Burdette Monday as they surveyed the house they built for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Duane Cotton, the lead builder, said there is a punch list to finish up just as there is on any new home construction.

'For best results for the paint to flow, you need really over 60 degrees outside. So we're getting into the time of year where we can hit the paint on the outside, give it a real good solid coat, double check caulking and we're good,' said Cotton.

Beverly Hill and Fred Burdette wanted to thank their neighbors.

'I appreciate every neighbor that gave up the time, put up with the noise, put up with the traffic, put up with the lights, everything. They just don't know how much I appreciate it,' said Hill.

'So I really appreciate the people in the community and I tried a couple to times to talk to the neighbor. The yard got really tore up behind us, but he wasn't in so I am going to try a little bit later today,' added Fred Burdette.

The ABCProgram Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring the Hill Burdette home is scheduled to air the last week in April or the first week in May. We will keep you posted.

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