Audience member Diane asks Dr. Oz about diet soda and its connection to strokes. Diane wants to know if stroke risk applies to people who drink the occasional diet soda.

Dr. Oz responds that in the study Diane refers to, findings indicated that even one diet soda a day can predispose someone to stroke risk. However, Dr. Oz points out that the connection is a hard line to draw. Does one problem cause another? Dr. Oz reiterates that from the findings, all we can say is that people who drink diet sodas happen to have more strokes.

Dr. Oz indicates that the people in these studies were most likely doing something else wrong for their respective diets. Lastly, Dr. Oz stresses that it is most important to give your body nutrients and natural ingredients that it recognizes and is able to process, not foreign chemicals.

Audience member Marylyn tells Dr. Oz that she had a hysterectomy and now has cholesterol issues, and she wants to know how to balance it out.

Dr. Oz states that even though ovaries are often left behind after hysterectomies, they might not function properly as a result, which can in-turn create cholesterol and metabolism issues. Certain protective hormones are gone when women have hysterectomies, so levels do become unbalanced and unprotected. Dr. Oz notes that genetic issues might also be a factor.

Dr. Oz states that he gets concerned when a healthy cholesterol level # is under 50 for women. Dr. Oz further states that doctor regimented doses of niacin, weight loss, and exercise are all important for improvement of cholesterol levels.

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