What is it? a soft plastic whale-shaped attachment that fits over the aerator on your faucet.

What does it claim? to turn your standard faucet into a home drinking fountain. It also claims that by doing that. you will save water, reduce the need to wash drinking glasses and eliminate paper cups.

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Liz Willis and her five year old son

What Are The Instructions? First thing you need to do is wash the attachment thoroughly. For best results. it's recommended that you use warm, soapy water. Once that's done, you're ready to attach it to a faucet. It can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom.

What you need to do is push on the Faucet Fountain over the round aerator, which is on the end of all faucets. Now, turn the water on and hold the flap, or whale's mouth, closed to create a fountain.

Here's the tricky part. You need to adjust the water flow accordingly. When you are done, just release the flap and allow the water to flow normally. The flap will remain open when you are not using it as a fountain.

Did it work? Willis was not impressed, but her five-year-old son really thought it was a lot of fun. It created quite a mess with water everywhere! We had to try it on a couple of faucets in the house before we found one where it fit.

Even then, it kept falling off when you tried to hold the whale's mouth shut to make it into a drinking fountain. Plus it was difficult, especially for a young child to figure out just how much water pressure to use to make it work just right.

Willis says she and her family will just stick to using a cup to drink water out of her faucets.

Cost/Availability You can purchase a Whale Faucet Fountain for $3.99 at area Bloom stores.

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