What is it? Goggles you wear to protect your eyes from irritating onion vapors

What does it claim? to allow you to chop, mince, dice and slice onions without shedding tears

Who tested it? Cooking enthusiast and Virginia Beach resident Sandra Montoya

What Are The Instructions? They're pretty simple. These are basically glasses that you put on to protect your eyes while you're cutting onions. You need to try and make sure when you do put them on that the foam protection around the Onion Goggles is as close to your face as possible. The closer the foam the better your eyes are sealed off. To clean your Onion Goggles just wipe them with a clean lint-free cloth. You can use a water dampened cloth if needed. Be sure to avoid scratching the lenses with gritty cleaning compounds or cloths. And when you are not using your Onion Goggles be sure to keep them in the protective case they come in to keep them safe.

Did it work? Yes and no. Montoya has to cut a lot of onions for most of the dishes she likes to cook. She says every time she does, her eyes start watering immediately. When she wore the Onion Goggles and chopped onions, her eyes didn't tear up for the most part. But the problem she noticed is that if she was cutting a lot of onions, the Onion Goggles didn't create enough of a seal around her eyes to keep them from watering. That said, she still thinks the Onion Goggles are a good idea and she would recommend them.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Onion Goggles at The Kitchen Barn in Virginia Beach for $29.95.

Additional Comments:

The unisex design of the Onion Goggles allows them to fit most face shapes, but they will not fit over glasses.

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