GLOUCESTER -- It may seem like no big deal that Gloucester resident Shawn Cooper got a parking ticket for $31 from the city of Philadelphia more than one year ago. But what doesn't add up is - he's never been to Philadelphia.

'It clearly wasn't this plate on the car that got the ticket,' says Cooper as he holds up the license plate.

Due to late fees, the ticket went up to $76 and Cooper has copies of the several letters he's written to the Philadelphia parking branch to plead his case.

He says no one will listen and he can't get a supervisor to take his phone calls. He has hearing on his appeal in May but feels he shouldn't have to go to fight something that should have never happened.

'It would cost me way more to drive there to be there in person than it would to pay the ticket,' stated Cooper.

It wasn't until the 13News Troubleshooters contacted the Philadelphia parking authority when Cooper's luck changed. One day after the inquiry, officials from the parking branch wrote him a letter saying that records on his case were reviewed that day and the decision had been reversed. A parking authority spokesperson says the numbers on the license plate when the ticket was issued were probably entered into the system incorrectly.

Cooper says it is finally the solution he 's been waiting for and thanks the 13News Troubleshooters.

'I really felt like I was at the end of my rope. I'm just really thankful that I called channel 13.'

Cooper lived in Western Pennsylvania six years ago before moving to Las Vegas in 2006. Sin City is where he traded in his Silverado that once donned the Pennsylvania license plate number YTP-2510. That is the same license plate number that was written on the ticket. But Cooper's plates expired in 2007 and he never renewed them after he traded in his truck. He kept the old plate in a box.

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