What is it? a hands-free screen door you install on single doors, sliding doors, RVs and more

What does it claim? to keep fresh air in and bugs out!

Who tested it? Cocoa Butter, your morning wake up gal on 95.7 Smooth R and B.

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is make sure the area you are going to be hanging your Magic Mesh in is clean and free of dirt and debris. Then determine the proper direction to install the screen. If you are putting Magic Mesh on a single door, that means you need to figure out which way your door opens. If your door opens IN, you need to install Magic Mesh on the outside of the door frame. If your door opens OUT then you need to install Magic Mesh on the inside of the door frame. Find the center of the top of your door frame. Next, lay out your Magic Mesh screen flat on the floor with magnets aligned in the center. One easy way to do that is to note that the top of the panel will have a larger gap between the magnets and the trim versus the bottom of the panel. Check each magnet to ensure they attract to each other symmetrically.

Peel the adhesive backing off the hook and loop strips and apply to the outer edges of the Magic Mesh screen. Take one panel and peel off adhesive backing of hook and loop strips and apply to the center of the door frame with pressure. Hold for 30 seconds. Be sure to hang the screen high enough so that it doesn't drag on the ground. Then peel off the backing on all the hook and loop tape pieces on that panel and firmly put them in place around the door. Take the second panel and make sure to allow the magnets to connect together. Then align the panel in the center of the door and remove hook and loop adhesive backings and apply them to the door frame, holding for 30 seconds to make sure it is secure. Once you've done this around the whole door it is recommended that to further secure the screen you can use the included wood tacks. Just insert the tack through each hook and loop strip, and be sure to only use them on wood frames or molding. Do not use the wood tacks on any surface other than wood.

The instructions for sliding doors are basically the same but it's important to attach the Magic Mesh to the OUTSIDE of the door frame and to the stationary door. If your doorway opening is less than 36 inches wide you may have to remove your sliding screen door.

Did it work? She was pretty impressed. She put it on her back door opening up to her backyard and she really liked how easily she could go in and out. It did take her a little while to install the Magic Mesh and she definitely had to use the wood tacks to make sure it stayed in place. But she said the little bit of elbow grease she had to put in to putting up Magic Mesh was worth it.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Magic Mesh at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99.

Additional Comments: If you need to clean your Magic Mesh do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaners. Just wipe off the mesh with a damp, lukewarm cloth. For stubborn dirt, you can spot clean with a small amount of soap and a cloth. Then allow your Magic Mesh to air dry. Do not put it in the dryer and do not dry clean.

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