WILLIAMSBURG -- After completing a $25 million makeover in April, Williamsburg Pottery is laying off some of its employees.

This week, eight employees were given notice that they were being laid off, including Carrie Pietkowski's husband.

'They handed him the layoff letter and said 'we're very sorry' and said 'we appreciate all you've done for us, but we just cannot afford to have you on board anymore,'' said Pietkowski.

She and her husband have not found a way to break the news to their two young boys. They were counting on going on a vacation to Disney World next month.

'It's just very heartbreaking to know that we're going to have to break the news to them. It's very sad,' said Pietkowski.

The letter to Pietkowski's husband from Williamsburg Pottery said, 'It is the deepest regret to inform you that due to our business economic factors, you will be laid off from your position with the Williamsburg Pottery Factory, Inc., as of your shift today.'

Linda Stanier of Williamsburg Pottery would not go into specifics on sales goals but says business is good.

'We're very happy with our traffic here and we're happy with the reception the new pottery has gotten,' said Stainer, adding, 'We simply, as normal, have taken a look at any redundancies in our system and our organization and found a few.'

When asked for clarity on what the 'economic factors' meant in the letter notifying employees of layoffs, Stanier responded, 'That is just a nice way of laying someone off.'

Despite the financial blow to the family income, Pietkowski had only praise for the company.

'He was very happy to work there. We love the company. We love the owner, and it's just sad that it had to happen that way,' said Pietkowski.

Stanier says she does not expect another round of layoffs anytime soon.

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