VIRGINIA BEACH -- It looks like a whole lot of fun until you try it: tossing pizza takes a lot of time, said 13News anchor Joe Flanagan.

He discovered that during his latest Joe's Job, when he trained with Tony DiSilvestro at YNot Pizza in Virginia Beach.

'At least two to three months, because it really is a craft. I mean this isn't something that you can just pick it up at home and you come in here and be a pizza guy. It really is a craft and something that we take a lot of pride in,' said DiSilvestro.

YNot is celebrating 19 years in business in Hampton Roads. Finding the right employees has been the key.

'With the restaurant business, it is important to find somebody that wants to be in the restaurant business. It's a lot of work, but pizza making is a real craft. Not everybody can do it,' said Harry DiSilvestro.

They have definitely paid their dues over the years.

'You know, it's dedication. It was the first seven years where it was 100 hours a week and not taking a day off, and you know, my wife was in here working hard with us, my brother we are all a family operation,' said Tony. 'It takes a combined operation to really make it work.'

Joe got a thumbs up from the bosses at YNot.

'Joe Flanagan's first pizza looked pretty good. So I'd like to get you in here and see how you do under pressure and the rush so anytime you want, you are more than welcome,' concluded Harry.

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