NORFOLK--Carolyn Blake wants her laptop back.

A few weeks ago, she shipped the $2,500.00 computer from her home in Connecticut to Fast Laptop Repair, a Norfolk company she found online.

She paid $39 through Paypal to get a work order and nothing's happened since.

Blake says she's repeatedly called and emailed company owner Jamie Steadman, asking for her laptop's return, repaired or not.

Since then, she's gone online and learned about other clients in the same situation.

Steadman wouldn't talk with 13News at his home on Lenox Circle in Norfolk, but he opened the door to get a package from a Federal Express delivery man.

After receiving Blake's complaint, Norfolk Police launched an investigation and have turned the case over to the Commonwealth's Attorney office, which has the case under legal review.

In 2010, 13News reported on a similar complaint by Kate Robinson. At that time, Steadman said he was overwhelmed, was having trouble keeping up with the repairs and that he needed a vacation. Robinson got her laptop, still broken,back after three months.

While Blake hopes to get her laptop back, she wants Steadman stopped.

'Here's this guy two years later or a year and half later still doing the same thing. I want this guy stopped he's massive trouble here,' says Blake, who lives in Connecticut.

Fast Laptop Repair operates in Norfolk without a business license and has an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau because of unresolved complaints.

The company is also known as '1 Hideout' and used to have an office in Virginia Beach.

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