VIRGINIA BEACH - A peregrine falcon found at an Oceanfront hotel last month was released Monday afternoon.

About 100 people watched as officials with The Wildlife Center of Virginia released the bird around 1:00 p.m. at First Landing State Park.

A person staying at a hotel on August 6 looked out after a storm and saw the soaking wet falcon sitting on the balcony.

It had a band on its leg, so officials checked the number and determined it had been treated for several months at the Wildlife Center of Virginia earlier this year and released June 6 at Grandview Nature Preserve in Hampton.

After being checked out at the Center for several weeks, officials determined it was healthy to be released. Officials drove the falcon to First Landing Monday morning for the release.

'It's great because sometimes they don't get a second chance, so I'm happy about it. I'm glad to be here,' said Kathy Weber.

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