NORFOLK - Watch your email in box for an email with a subject line 'Tax Refund.'

It says it's from HM Revenue and Customs, which is a department of the United Kingdom government responsible for collecting taxes. But it's not really from the unit.

It says 'Over the last seven years, our calculations show you have made overpayments' and the email includes a link to an application to get a refund of US dollars, not British pounds.

WVEC Director of Techonology and Engineering Keith O'Malley says don't click on it.

'That is how they get into your computer. Most links today are interested in stealing your money,' he said, adding that links can install software on computer to get your personal information.

If you wonder about an email's validity, don't take chances. Red flags in emails include mis-spellings and typos. Also, banks and the government will never contact you by email.

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