VIRGINIA BEACH-- Before Mitt Romney addressed a crowd in Pungo, he sat down with 13 NEWS Anchor Janet Roach.

In her one-on-one interview, Roach questioned Romney about military spending. Just this week, a new Romney advertisement hammered President Obama on the $500 billion dollars in defense cuts set to begin in January.That's unless lawmakers agree on ways to cut the deficit. No agreement has been reached, and Romney blames the President for lack of leadership. President Obama blames Republicans for the stalemate, with both sides saying we need to work this out.

'There's no substitute for strong presidential leadership. The President of the United States is the person we look to bring together the Republicans and Democrats to get things done,' Romney said.

Romney says he'll keep the cuts from happening, and billions more to defense. That has critics wondering how he plans to pay for it, and if it can be done without severely cutting non defense federal programs. 'You would pay for it by having a strong and growing economy,' Romney fired back.

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