What is it? a microfiber blind cleaner

What does it claim? that you can clean both sides of your blind at the same time and with just one hand

Who tested it? Brittany Timbreza, an Interior Designer with Pilato and Counts in Norfolk

What Are The Instructions? The instructions are pretty simple. In fact, just looking at the product you can tell how to use it. Just place the microfiber cloth part of Fuzzy Wuzzy between your blinds. Squeeze the handle and slide it across the blind, picking up dust along the way. Do this until all your blinds clean. When you're done, take off the microfiber cloth and throw it in the dryer on the warm or cold cycle. Once it's dry, put it back on the Fuzzy Wuzzy wand and you're ready to go again.

Did it work? Timbreza thought it did a great job. She especially like that by using Fuzzy Wuzzy, she didn't feel like she was going to bend or break the blinds while cleaning them. She also found she didn't have dust flying all around as she cleaned -- a problem she's had with other duster. She plans to purchase one and keep it with her just in case she needs to do a quick touch.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Fuzzy Wuzzy at Walmart for $2.86.

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