MOYOCK, NC -- Investigators said Friday that a man who died when fire swept through his mobile home outside Moyock, NC Tuesday afternoon apparently killed himself.

People living on Moon Court in Carolina Village called firefighters around 1:10 p.m.after seeing smoke and flames.

Four people tried to rescue 46-year-old Billy Ray Clark and several others tried to put out the fire, but their efforts were in vain.

'The whole house was on fire,' said a neighbor who rushed to help. ' I says there's something wrong here. His wife pulled up and we were hollerin' for Bill, Bill, you know, breaking down the windows, Bill. I mean, it was smoky so I got to the front and a friend of mine went in there, two of them went in there and saw him on the couch and pulled him out.'

Authorities say the determination was made following preliminary results of the autopsy.

No one else was hurt.

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