NORFOLK-- 'I just get so mad, what can I do' says Mary Ann Zakrzewski.

The quest for answers about her husband Wally's death in 2006, it's something his widow won't let go.

'And the police won't tell me anything', she says.

Wally Zakrzewski was a steel worker in Chicago for 34 years,, when the mill work slowed he moved to Norfolk for a security guard job that Mary Ann's sister helped him get where she worked at Virginia Wesleyan College.

'And she was saying how safe it was,' said Mary Ann, ' And we talked to other people and they said it was very safe and no crime and we thought wow this is really nice, what are you going to actually be securing?'

Then on October 11th 2006, Wally was supposed to work from 3 until 11pm,, but he never came home and Mary Ann didn't know what was going on until she heard the door bell ring around 1 am.

'I saw the police standing at the door and I saw the chaplan and I thought what's going on, you know, and then the chaplan said, well, Wally was hurt.'

More than just hurt. Wally was stabbed to death on campus.

At the time Mary Ann thought the longest it might take to solve the case would be 6 months, and here she is 6 years later, still not even a suspect.

'I emailed the detective just the other day,' she said, 'And I said do you know anything? They said we can't tell. I said well can't you just tell me what you know? And they said, no, we can't tell you anything,, and they know so much.'

Mary Ann still doesn't know exactly where Wally was when he was killed or how the stabbing occured. She says it's incredibly frustrating not being allowed to know all the facts from Virginia Beach police and Wesleyan's administration.

'Do you think this will ever be solved?' ' I have faith.' she says, 'Everyone thinks, Mary Ann you're crazy. I'm a Catholic and I belive that God is going to answer my prayers. Nobody believes that. I believe in miracles. I believe that this is going to be solved. '

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